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Goals for the Day


Mission Statement:


To celebrate the diversity of the Lake Oswego High School community, we will dedicate an entire school day to listening and reflecting on all the voices that are part of the LOHS community, with special emphasis on those not represented by the majority. The purpose of this day is to take another step in creating a more inclusive culture and a sense of belonging for all students. The day will be filled with speakers, art, film, and learning. 




To foster a sense of belonging for all of our students, allowing them to share important aspects of their identity that are often overlooked in our majority culture. 


To educate students about topics that affect minority groups in our school community. (For example: white privilege, microaggressions, systemic racism, code-switching, the gender continuum, neurodiversity, sexism in the gaming/programming industry, history of racism in housing patterns in Portland/LO area, history of Civil Rights activism in Portland/LO area, LGBTQ resources here and at other educational institutions, etc.) 


To clarify the expectations for behavior and the consequences for acts that negatively impact protected classes of students at our school. 


To clarify that diversity, equity, and inclusion are central pillars to our work here at Lake Oswego High School and are non-negotiable. (All students are welcome and beloved here.  Intolerant and bigoted behavior here are unacceptable).


To collect student input about curriculum by allowing their voices in curricular choices.


To  install art that attests towhat we have learned this day, allowing for more representation of cultures that are often "invisible" at our school to be made "visible."