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Get ready for a day of rich conversation and activities!

Thanks to everyone who answered the call for speakers and for generously sharing your expertise and enthusiasm with our students!



Amazing Facts About Languages in the World

Creating Diversity in the Library Stacks2019 Student Summer Trip to Colombia 

What We Risk: Creativity, Vulnerability and Art

Peace Corps Alumni: Getting Out of the Bubble

Ethnic and Racial Minorities and Socioeconomic Status

Climate Change and Social Justice

Superintendent Lora de la Cruz Listens to Your Questions

Milagro Theater Workshop

Privilege and Its Relevance in Our Lives

White Supremacy in Oregon:Past and Present

Who Are the Deserving Poor?

Why Women's Studies?

The Importance of Diversity and Embracing Different Cultures

Am I Biased?

Institutional and Political Racism

The LGBTQ Experience at LOHS

Learning from the Past: My Journey to America during the Holocaust

Is That Really What I Said? Dissecting Coded Language

Where Do I Stand?

Behind Barbed Wire: In an American Concentration Camp

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff

Learning to be Humble: The Importance of the Well-Traveled Mind

What Are You?: Mixed-race and Interracial Families in Oregon's Past and Future

A Future Without Limits: One Family's Experience with Down Syndrome

Dyslexia Simulation: Walk in the Shoes of a Dyslexic Student

What Makes a Home?: How Culture Influences our Visual World

We Need Diverse Books . . . in Libraries and Classrooms

Weapons of Mass Distraction: Navigating the Truth in Media

Genocide: Recognizing Risk and Preventing Escalation


On the Front Lines: Youth and Increasing Hate Crimes

Social Justice Through Theater

The LGBTQ Experience at LOHS

Lenses for Analyzing Power

Curb Climate Change Instead of Your Garbage

Seeing Your Pieces: Poetry Writing Workshop

Rural and Urban Divisions

Black Girl in Suburbia, film and debrief

Bollywood Dancing

Curriculum Through an Equity Lens

Bollywood Dancing 

Eyedentity: Let Those Who Have Eyes See

See Yourself in Everyone You Meet

Weight Discrimination and Eating Disorders

The Benefits of an Inclusive Classroom

How Hate Gets Codified into Law

Resistance and Activism

What If? Deconstructing Societal Norms

White Privilege and Interrupting Detours


An Index of Me: Creative Writing

Natural Techniques for Taming Teen Anxiety

Microaggressions to Microaffirmations

What's Race Got to Do with It?

Climate Change Is Real—Now What?

Immigration Law

Fighting Fear

Student Panel Shares Their Summer Trip to Colombia

The Great Unifier: Food & Culture



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Teatro Milagro

Ursula Wolfe-Rocca

Christine Moses

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Dmae Roberts

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Betty Shelley

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Danielle Thompson


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Portland State University

Nikkei Legacy Center

Woodlawn Elementary School

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Oregon Humanities

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NW Anxiety Institute

Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities

De La Cruz Solutions

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Bollywood Dreams Entertainment

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